Here is what some of the passed pupils have said about there experience:


"Patience and a kind face is something you hope for when you first get into your instructors car. This is what you get with Dharmesh every lesson. I found that his friendly attitude made it far more easier to take in all the information that can sometimes seem overwhelming. People often say that the build up to your test is often daunting, but I never had this feeling; it was more confidence than anything else.

If you're looking for someone who can provide you with all of this, develop your driving skills, even from scratch (which was the situation in my case) and help you pass first time, then Dharmesh is the instructor for you."

Tiffany (Tottenham)



"Learning to drive with Dharmesh was a pleasure: his patience and clear explanations meant I felt at ease and progressed steadily. Going into my test, I felt fully prepared and passed first time, thanks to our mock tests and thorough preparation. I would definitely recommend learning to drive with Dharmesh."

Nuala (Bounds Green)


"Very pleased to have learnt with Dharmesh, always on time and always thorough with the explanations and also very patient, that's what you need when your learning to drive."

Michael (Southgate)


"Thanks for all the help and support. I really enjoyed learning to drive with you. Thank you."

Lisa (Palmers Green)



"For someone who knew nothing about driving, to passing first time in 5 months, was a great experience. Dharmesh is an outstanding instructor with great knowledge and a LOT of patience. He knows how to get the best out of each individual and tailors lessons which help his learners thrive."

Shobigan (New Southgate)


"I really enjoyed learning to drive with Dharmesh. Among other things, he was extremely reliable and clearly put his student's needs first, always happy to arrange lesson times that suited me the best. Dharmesh is also very friendly and particularly easy to get along with which makes the whole experience of learning much more comfortable and enjoyable."

Jessica (Winchmore Hill)



"At first I was a little nervous about driving but Dharmesh is really calm which helped with the nerves, he also talks to you which makes the lesson more enjoyable. The best thing about Dharmesh is that he does not only teach you to pass a driving test but he teaches you how to drive confidently and properly for when you get your personal car."

Manda (Tottenham)

"Thanks Dharmesh for all your help, support and patients. It's been a long and lovely journey. I'm glad my sister recommended you to me. Many thanks and best of regards for the future!!"

Samantha (Grange Park) 


"Learning to drive I've discovered is not just about acquiring a set of skills (controlling your vehicle, observing and responding to situations, etc.), but having the right mindset to get you through the process. 

What Dharmesh did very well for me (without me really being conscious of it) was get me in the right state of mind at different points - motivate me to improve when I plateaued and give me confidence when I was discouraged. These things I feel contributed greatly to my passing. Thank you Dharmesh!”.

Shaan (Crouch End)

"Very professional, easy-going and very helpful in overcoming your difficulties. I higly recommend DKP driving school!"

Astrid (Arnos Grove)

"Dharmesh maintains professional at all times, yet his relaxed, laid back approach makes learning to drive a fun & educating experience. With Dharmesh's knowledge of the roads and friendly personable skills I passed my driving test first time with no minors in just over 20 lessons!"

Ziad (Enfield)

"I passed my driving test first time and Really enjoyed my time learning to drive with Darm. He was always very patient and friendly, and really helped to improve my confidence and driving competency. The lessons were constructive and well-structured, and I would 100% recommend DKP Driving School for anyone looking for a driving instructor!"

Rosanna (Barnet)

"I've had an amazing driving experience with DKP Driving School. Thanks to Dharmesh, I gained all the necessary skills to pass the first time."

Roxy (Edmonton)

"I learnt to drive with Dharmesh I thought it was brilliant as we went at a pace that best suited me. He also gave me tips on my theory which helped as I passed it quickly. I perfected all the manoeuvres that may occur in the actual test before booking my test and once I booked it we carried out mock tests which were helpful as it allowed me to correct any bad habits also we went through the 'show me, tell me' questions which really helped. I would recommend Dharmesh to anyone looking to pass their test first time."

Nirooshan (New Southgate)

"I would recommend this driving school for all, very professional, punctual & guaranteed to pass first time as long as you put in as much effort as DKP does :)"

Derek (Tottenham)

"Excellent driving instructor, very easy going and professional, made learning to drive and passing my test fun and easy. You won't be disappointed!"

Alex (Barnet)

"Dharmesh is a very friendly and professional instructor. Everything is explained in detail and he always creates a calm and fun environment to learn in. Lessons are taught at a good pace so you never feel like you are asked to do something you are not ready for. His patience makes it very easy to learn and I would highly recommend DKP Driving School to everyone."

Alexander (Southgate)

"I learnt to drive with Dharmesh I thought it was brilliant as we went at a pace that best suited me. Strongly recommended!"

Mihaela (Tottenham)

"Dharmesh is very professional and at the same time very friendly. My whole driving lessons experience has been outstanding. Very knowledgable and experienced in what he does. Highly recommended."

Darren (Arnos Grove)

"Dharmesh is a great driving instructor, I seriously cant fault any part of the hours I spent with him, the main aim was obviously passing but being an older student with young children I needed to be able to, not just manage to pass, I needed to have confident behind the wheel, and that is exactly what he gave me, I passed convincingly with only 2 minor faults and I remember laughing with the tester as he was testing me on things Dharmesh has specifically taught me and prepared me for.
Walking into any exam or test with that feeling that your are well prepared is priceless, and that's what I had. Beyond this Dharmesh is a nice bloke who I know bent over backwards to try and move his schedule around to help students out, when things came up and did so for me on one occasion, I laughed and joked with Dharmesh throughout all our driving lessons and lets face facts if your going to spend hours of your life in a confined space with another human being want to at least like them."

Chris (Cheshunt)

"Dharmesh is a very experience instructor who taught me to pass my driving test and become a more confident independent driver. I passed with only 2 driving faults thanks to his teaching. I would definitely recommend him highly."

Socrates (Edmonton)

"I contacted Dharmesh after he taught my brother, who also passed first time, and from the first lesson, he settled my nerves and went at a pace that really helped ease me into driving and finding my confidence. After starting my lessons I had to change my test centre, in order to get an earlier test date and Dharmesh made the adjustment easy and swift, in regards to making me confident to the new area. He helped build my trust in myself and was very encouraging every lesson and provided me with advice to keep me on track, through general lessons and frequent mock test. He was always doing whatever he could to fit my lessons in and plan them out in order for me to be ready for my test and I passed first time! . I couldn't have done it without his patience, assurance and confidence in me!"

Misha (Edmonton)

"Great guy, amazing teacher, the lessons were really enjoyable"

Nikhil (Edmonton)

"He is a great teacher who I got on with, which is important if your trapped in a car with someone for hours at a time. The lessons are at your pace and so you don't have to worry about having to pick things up really quickly. It was just a really good experience overall which was made all the better by passing."

Aoife (Tottenham)

"Dharmesh is an excellent intructor and is both professional and friendly. I only had 10 lessons with him but he helped me improve so much that it led to me passing my test. He's very good at building confidence and definitely is the best teacher. I strongly recommend him."

Nadia (Enfield)

"Dharmesh is a well organised, patient and enthusiastic instructor. Although i did not pass first time, he encouraged me to stay positive, fix my mistakes and increase my confidence on the road. I highly recommend him."

Antonio (Southgate)

Dharmesh was a very patient instructor with some great advice on driving after passing.

Maggie (Barnet)

"Dharmesh was a brilliant instructor, he helped me build my confidence while driving. Giving me all the necessary advice to lead me to pass my test!"

Andrew (Oakwood)

"Great driving instructor passed first time with no previous experience before starting lessons. Highly recommended."

Hamish (Finchley)

"I recommend DKP driving school highly.
Dharmesh is a very experienced driving instructor. Friendly yet professional. I was lucky to find him!"

Jun (Tottenham)

"Just finished my referesher driving lessons today with Dharmesh. He was a very friendly and professional instructor, he helped me get my confidence back as i had not driven for 5 years, he gave me all the necessary advice and training to get me ready to drive again on the road. He was always on time. I highly recommend him."

Lowell (Edmonton)

"With DKP driving school, I was able to feel much more confident and aware when driving. I also passed first time! He did his best to work around my busy schedule (being a student) and always arrived on time for our lessons. Would highly recommend!"

Tashana (Tottenham)

"It was lovely to be taught by dharmesh he is a very good driving instructor i have passed with him. He has supported me all the way and taught me by my mistakes. I will 100% recomend him to everyone i know. Even my sister will learn from him soon 

He is an amazing instructor!"

Nihan (Tottenham)

"I recently passed following lessons with Dharmesh at DKP. I found him very professional, patient and clear in his instructions. He was good at focussing in on specific technique issues I had as well as building general confidence and awareness. Would happily recommend him to others."

Pascoe (Hornsey)

"I just recently passed my test, first time, with Dharmesh. I would recommend him to any of my friends in the area looking to drive. He was calm, friendly and patient throughout my time learning with him. He helped me build my confidence and was always approachable and encouraging. His experience is clear and he had tips for everything and every manoeuvre. Thank you Dharmesh"

Rosalind (Tottenham)

"It was enjoyable to learn how to drive with DKP driving school. I passed first time with the help of Dharmesh, who was very patient, encouraging and calm. I'd happily recommend to anyone looking for driving lessons in the area."

Larissa (Southgate)

"I've just passed my driving test 1st time thanks to Dharmesh. He is a very calm and patient teacher who focuses on your individual needs. Dharmesh is extremely professional, very experienced and knows how to provide guidance while also building your confidence. I would highly recommend using Dharmesh if you are looking for a driving instructor in the area."

Lisa (Enfield)

"I have passed my test thanks to Dharmesh. He's a very patient, experienced and friendly instructor who does a fantastic job at building confidence and awareness. Thoroughly recommended."

Kenny (Tottenham)

"Driving with Dharmesh was a genuinely pleasant experience for me. I started with Dharmesh, after having failed my test a couple of times. I found Dharmesh to be very friendly, engaging, punctual and methodical.
He would carefully observe and make a note of any minor errors I did and he would have them written down, ready to work on in the following lessons.
At the end of my each lesson, I felt that I did do progress on the areas of my driving that needed polishing, thanks to his ability to explain well and fine-tune some of the common and tricky areas of practical test drive (e.g. 'progressing safely vs undue hesitation').
I'd strongly recommend Dharmesh to learner drivers of both beginner level and those with prior experience (like me). I'm now planning to take my Pass Plus with him, to improve my night time and motorway driving skills."

Johon (Palmers Green)

"After having a previous bad instructor and losing my confidence and enthusiasm for driving Dharmesh was able to help with my issues. His professional manner, experience as well as his patience all helped with making my lessons an enjoyable experience. He is also very punctual for lessons and helpful in regards to any queries you may have. Thanks to his help I was able to pass my test first time, I would definitely recommend him as an instructor."

Lewis (Edmonton)

"Very good driving tuition. I had a previous instructor where I didn't learn a whole lot but after a few weeks of lessons with Dharmesh I passed my driving test first time with 4 minors. He goes through all points slowly and clearly with good explanations, highly recommend :)"

George (Cheshunt)