Here is what some of the passed pupils have said about there experience:


"Patience and a kind face is something you hope for when you first get into your instructors car. This is what you get with Dharmesh every lesson. I found that his friendly attitude made it far more easier to take in all the information that can sometimes seem overwhelming. People often say that the build up to your test is often daunting, but I never had this feeling; it was more confidence than anything else.

If you're looking for someone who can provide you with all of this, develop your driving skills, even from scratch (which was the situation in my case) and help you pass first time, then Dharmesh is the instructor for you."

Tiffany (Tottenham)


"Learning to drive with Dharmesh was a pleasure: his patience and clear explanations meant I felt at ease and progressed steadily. Going into my test, I felt fully prepared and passed first time, thanks to our mock tests and thorough preparation. I would definitely recommend learning to drive with Dharmesh."

Nuala (Bounds Green)


"Very pleased to have learnt with Dharmesh, always on time and always thorough with the explanations and also very patient, that's what you need when your learning to drive."

Michael (Southgate)


"Thanks for all the help and support. I really enjoyed learning to drive with you. Thank you."

Lisa (Palmers Green)


"For someone who knew nothing about driving, to passing first time in 5 months, was a great experience. Dharmesh is an outstanding Instructor with great knowledge and a LOT of patiences. He knows how to get the best out of each individual and tailors lessons which help his learners thrive."

Shobigan (Arnos Grove)






"I really enjoyed learning to drive with Dharmesh. Among other things, he was extremely reliable and clearly put his student's needs first, always happy to arrange lesson times that suited me the best. Dharmesh is also very friendly and particularly easy to get along with which makes the whole experience of learning much more comfortable and enjoyable."

Jessica (Winchmore Hill)